CALPIRG at UC Santa Barbara

Core Meetings: Tuesday, 6pm, 2128 Girvetz

Internship Class: Tuesday, 7pm, 2128 Girvetz

Ban Fracking Campaign Meeting: Monday, 7pm, 3rd floor of the UCEN, Room 3185

Reclaiming Democracy Campaign Meeting: Monday, 8pm, Heather's house

Protect our Oceans Campaign Meeting: Wednesday, 6pm, 3rd floor of the UCEN, Room 3185

Million Clean Cars Campaign Meeting: Wednesday, 7pm, 3rd floor of the UCEN, Room 3185

Tenants' Rights Campaign Meeting: Wednesday, 7pm, 3rd floor of the UCEN, Room 3185


Visit us on the 3rd floor of the UCEN, Room 3185!
Campus Organizer: Douglas Pentland

CALPIRG is a statewide student-directed and funded non-profit that works to protect the environment, end hunger and homelessness, protect consumers and make college more affordable

We train students in grassroots and political organizing skills so they can run campaigns that make a huge impact.

For example, we convinced President Obama to increase federal financial aid for college students by $36 billion, the record since World War II. Last year we registered over 40,000 students to vote statewide, including 2,000 here at UCSB. And, we have been working to protect our oceans by banning plastic bags in over 80 cities across the state, and just this quarter we banned plastic bags in HERE in Santa Barbara!

The thing that makes us able to get results on these issues is that every quarter thousands of UC students pledge $10 a quarter on their BARC account to fund CALPIRG. This allows us to hire our own professional staff who research solutions, teach students to run effective campaigns on campus, and advocate full time in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. on our behalf, giving us a voice in Congress to affect change.

We offer volunteer opportunities, as well as internships for course credit. Interns can learn skills in grassroots organizing, media outreach, lobbying and advocacy, and event planning.

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