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Kerckhoff 160 

Intern Class:Tuesdays, 6-7pm
Bunche 3117

Visit us in Kerchoff Hall 160
Campus OrganizerAlana Fink         

CALPIRG is a statewide, student directed, public interest advocacy organization and is funded through student fees. Our organizers and advocates train students on how to run effective campaigns to solve some of society's most urgent problems. Our primary mission is to encourage student power and activism and to serve as a resource to all student organizations.

Last year we had several significant accomplishments. We helped protect our oceans by banning plastic grocery bags in 54 cities across California. We also helped register 40,000 students to vote in the 2012 elections last fall. Read more about our accomplishments here:

This Spring we are focused on a campaign to reduce our impact on global warming by making zero-emissions cars more affordable through our Million Clean Cars campaign. We had a significant victory this fall when we delivered 12,000 petitions to Governor Brown who is now saying this will be his top environmental priority during the current legislative session.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be organizing events on campus as well as speaking in classes to students about how our campus can lead the way on clean energy.

We’ll also be working on campaigns to end hunger and homelessness, making college more affordable, and ban fracking. If you are a part or affiliated with a student group that would like to collaborate or seek assistance from CALPIRG, please email our organizer or chapter leadership directly!

We are excited about the upcoming quarter, and encourage all interested students to apply for an internship.  

Join our chapter and you will gain skills and experience necessary to make a difference in the world, as well as meet an amazing group of intelligent, positive, and hardworking people. (We also have a LOT of fun doing it!!)


Click Here to Apply for a UCLA CALPIRG Internship!

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