CALPIRG at UC Riverside

Next meeting: Sunday 3pm Election Kick Off Picnic at Bell Tower

Every Tuesday @ 7PM in HUB 383!

The CALPIRG chapter was started by students at UCR in 2005 to stand up for the public on issues we all agree on. Over the past decade, we have fought for cheaper textbooks, to protect our environment and to raise the voices of young people in our democracy.

We have been able to get real results for the public thanks to the thousands of students who pledge CALPIRG. By pitching in a few dollars on the GROWL account, we pool together enough money to hire our own staff of advocates, organizers and researchers to give UCR students, along with students across the state, a voice on the issues that affect us all.

However, the pledge system is not ideal. It takes a ton of time and volunteer energy away from critical campaign work each term. We are considering a new way to fund CALPIRG, instead of the pledge system, where students could make a collective decision to fund the CALPIRG chapter at UCR, by a campus referendum. Thie first step is to gauge public support for making this change. A YES vote means you support letting students democratically assess ourselves a small fee to support our campus public interest group.

Vote YES this week for CALPIRG!

Here are our current priority campaigns: 

Riverside Go Solar!

Right now we get 80% of our energy from fossil fuels, even though we live in one of the sunniest places in the whole world. We should lead the way in going solar! Join this campaign to encourage city hall to pass bold policies to get Riverside to go solar!

Chancellor Wilcox joins CALPIRG volunteers to taste smoothies powered by the sun!

California Water Watch!

We are in the worst drought in California history, with mandatory water reductions and fines looming on the horizon unless we reduce our water usage right away. Join CALPIRG's Water Watch project to help make sure that students lead the way in saving water.

Check out our video to learn more about the project:

Save Antibiotics!- Working to get Subway to go Antibiotics Free.

Winter term we helped convince McDonalds to save antibiotics by only buying chicken from farmers that refuse to use antibiotics for non medical reasons. This term we're targeting Subway. With more locations than McDonalds and Starbucks combined, convincing Subway to be a public health leader by going antibiotics free will be a major step forward to protect our medicines from the threat posed by superbugs caused by antibiotic resistance.

Affordable Textbooks- Help save students a billion dollars by switching to Open Textbooks!

The average student spends $1200 per year on textbooks! We are on the brink of a textbook revolution, where most of our books could be free online educational resources- open sourced! Join our campaign to get more free open textbooks into our classrooms!

Vote YES this week on the CALPIRG initiative to support a stronger CALPIRG!

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