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Bloomberg News

Students can spend $1,300 per year on textbooks, but online textbooks could ease that burden, a new analysis finds

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The New York Times

College students could save an average of $128 a course if traditional textbooks were replaced with free or low-cost “open-source” electronic versions, a new report finds.

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The Press Enterprise

Want to know how an electrically-powered beemer handles?

Riverside Electric Vehicle Day on Sunday will give participants the chance to drive an electric car including models from BMW and Nissan.

The free event is co-hosted by the Charge Ahead California campaign, UC Riverside, and the California Student Public Interest Research Group.

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The Daily Californian

Unlike this year’s controversial “soda tax” measure, one city ballot measure has flown under the radar. Measure P expresses dissatisfaction with corporate personhood and campaign-finance laws in the United States in the hope of passing a Constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood.

The driving force behind the measure’s inclusion on the city ballot was CalPIRG’s “Reclaim Democracy” campaign. CalPIRG is a group that works to protect consumer and voter rights and has a chapter at UC Berkeley.

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