CALPIRG at UC Berkeley

Student Activism and Organizing Class/Training

Day/Time: Every Tuesday at 7pm 

Location: 112 Hearst Gym

There are more probems than we should tolerate and more solutons than we implement! If you are a student that wants to change society and fight for the public or if you already are in another student group and want training, then this training series is for you. Look at the training schedule below and come learn about different models of organizing, how to lobby, and the ettiquette with media. The classes are open to all just drop in or call Corie, your UC Berkeley trained orgaizer if you want to request a special training for your group.

CORE Meeting

Day/Time: Every Tuesday at 6pm 

Location: 112 Hearst Gym

Activist Class

Day/Time: Every Tuesday at 7pm 

Location: 112 Hearst Gym

Million Clean Cars Meeting - Tuesdays 1pm in 112 Hearst Gym

Ban Fracking in CA Meeting - Wednesdays 6:15pm in 112 Hearst Gym

Get Big Money Out of Politics Meeting - Mondays 3pm outside 114 Hearst Gym

Resovle to End Hunger and Homelessness Meeting - Wednesdays 7pm in 112 Hearst Gym

Energy Service Corps Meeting - Tuesdays 5pm in 112 Hearst Gym

Oceans (Ban Plastic Bags Statewide) - Mondays 5:30pm in 112 Hearst Gym


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Contact Info:  
Email  |  | 714-600-6706
Campus Organizer
:  Corie Radka

We are UC Berkeley students' public interest group. Because 20% of the student body supports our work we get real results. Last year after a long fight we banned plastic bags in Alameda county, registered 8,000 students at UC Berkeley alone, and we increased financial aid (Pell grant funding) by 36 billion since 2007. Students pulling their resources together is working to fight large special interests. We need at least 20% of the student body to fight for the pblic and we have been on UC Berkeley's campus since 1976!

De-Pledging - If you have been one of the 20% of the student body that supports CALPIRG and you no longer wish to support the movement please email your name and student ID and that you want to De-Pladge. Thank you for your support!

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